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Famous Japaho kun at Migrant Expo 5/9/2015

Japaho kun exploded in popularity today.

First of all, at his debut, when he appeared from restroom, the first people he met and surprised were the GJ GARDNER, the one of the biggest building company.

He definitely has something special… Then sooner he walked a few steps, a Chinese girls group surrounded him, which was like a famous actor.

After that, the photo attack couldn’t stop all the day and he was seriously popular. This makes him and us confident that he will become popular at the Auckland Home Show which starts this week.

As today’s our results, we have got 6 forms filled in inclusive of all of the name, address, contact information, and the important details. The breakdown of these is; 2 of Japanese Garden 1 of New Home 1 of Extension 1 of Kitchen Renovation 1 of Commercial Renovation

And we understand they are basically in hurry to build, so we do go to a FREE SITE CHECK & CONSULTATION at high speed, which is our motto. Then we propose the better designs considering functions and prices, and appeal our quality and abilities of the best construction that meet timeframe requirements, so the clients will get security and satisfaction.

Also from our listing many customers expect us Japanese the HONESTY and BETTER PROPOSAL. In addition to those, the prices are expected affordable. It is just like TOYOTA cars or SONY electric appliances that dominates the world due to the high functions with the affordable prices, therefore many customers expect us same as the Japanese Mythology.

At the same time, they asked us our qualifications and company address, so again we were noticed that customers need SECURITY for a big purchase. Furthermore when we told them we have a SHOWHOME, they were surprised very much. We need to appeal things more that we have already got and gives customers security.

The one of frequentist questions was “what is the most different point with other companies?”

I answered “we have a strong will that we build and keep ‘FOREVER’ relationships with our clients”.

This is the most different point compared to other building companies. I told them with enthusiasm that we cannot do shameful work ⇒ we do good work ⇒ we make all of our related members happy ⇒ we can keep good long relationships. I am sure they found my full of enthusiasm.

We attend the five days AUCKLAND HOME SHOW this week, but for these 6 plans that we have got today, we will have the first consultations with the speedy correspondence, our strength!!

【Japanese】 本日は、ジャパホ君がさく裂してました。

なんといっても、トイレから初お披露目で最初にビビらせたのが、GJ GARDENER という住宅建設でかなりの大手の会社の社員さんでした。





















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