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Find Bottleneck To Improve Performance

Hi all,

If there is a delay in construction schedule there will be more cost. I have listed up restrictions which cause the delay from my 10-year experience in building industry. If we can remove these then we will provide good quality, first and affordable services.

10 Major Restrictions

1. Head contractor Restrictions (Do not provide enough work details and/or proper timeframe, etc.) 2. Architects Restrictions (Do not provide proper design, right dimensions, etc.) 3. Construction contractor Restrictions (technical shortage, missing setup, etc) 4. Supplier restrictions (mistakes in standards, delays in deliveries) 5. Change restrictions by the owner (e.g. use of special materials and frequent change) 6. Delay Restrictions by the owner (delay in detailed determination, delay in payment, etc.) 7. Restrictions of major traders (many delays and miscommunications) 8. Weather Restrictions (sometimes delays considerably due to weather) 9. Neighbor Restrictions (obstacles due to nearby road construction and neighboring complaints) 10. Council Restrictions (inadequate consent document checks, ambiguity on site inspection)


3 Major Ways For Solutions

1. Preparation!! Take enough time for enough preparation. 2. Smooth and efficient communication leading to mutual understanding 3. Focus on one task at a time to reduce mistakes and complete quickly



施工を遅らせて、経費がかかり最終的には工事費用が高くなってしまっている。 制約をニュージーランド建築、10年の経験からまとめてみました。 これらが、排除できれば、「うまい、速い、お買い得」を向上できる。


1、元請け業者の制約(詳細仕様不足、工程準備不足、) 2、設計業者の制約(施工方法の不備、寸法違いなど) 3、工事業者の制約(技術不足、段取り漏れなど) 4、サプライヤーの制約(規格間違え、納品遅れ) 5、施主による変更制約(特殊材料使用や変更頻度が多いなど) 6、施主による遅延制約(詳細決定遅延、支払い遅延など)) 7、大手業者の制約(遅延や伝達ミスが多い) 8、天気の制約(天気の影響で大幅に遅れることがある) 9、現場近隣の制約(近隣の道路工事などによる障害や近隣クレーム) 10、役所による制約(設計段階の不備、現場視察の曖昧さ)






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