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Finishing Items 29/06/2019

Hi there,

In Japan, finishing items (bathware, electric fixtures, appliance, floor coverings, etc.) are normally decided on product catalogs.

However, Products in New Zealand often become out of stock so using catalogs to decide items are quite difficult. I think that the reason is that the market is too small in NZ.

We do not want to keep stock because of aiming at the method of “just-in-time of Toyota” so need to use our brain to get the best timing to get these items.

Of course, you can pay a bond to a supplier to keep stock, but Due to problems with the supplier’s internal system, other customers sometimes purchase them first and eventually there will be no stock. At the moment we need to accept this as “New Zealand way”.

However, we need to think about the best way to solve this issue.

Maybe we should visit suppliers to confirm their logistics system:

  1. Who is managing how?

  2. Where is it managed?

  3. How is the delivery system?

  4. What is a backup system?

Japan homes about us image3

And once a month, check with our site manager at each site, including

  1. Do suppliers meet the delivery date?

  2. Is there a problem with the on-site construction system?

If you receive reports on product quality, etc., product management quality will be considerably improved.

According to my experience, I think that it will be improved by choosing the largest supplier in its industry.

In addition, major suppliers are often efficient or mass-purchased, often have low prices, and sometimes have full-time sales and full-time support, which has greatly helped us recently.


  1. Choose Major Suppliers

  2. Regularly Check Their Logistics System

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