• Tony Liu

Fireplace Plan

Good day everyone!!

We have a renovation project in Northshore and our client wants to install a modern fireplace in the lounge so we have prepared a fireplace plan.


Type Of Fireplace To Install

Here is the type of fireplace we are thinking to install.

That has a stylish modern look and is operated by GAS.

What is good is you can see actual fire that looks like burning wood logs.

The owner wants to install it in a new box wall and also put a TV above the fireplace on the wall like this:

And build a bench seat on one side of the wall.

That looks lovely, isnt it?

Fireplace Plan

These types of fireplace are safe to install and use but there are certain regulations to follow when install.

So we carefully checked these regulations with the manufacturer and made a detailed plan for the box wall to make sure everything is fine to install the fireplace .

(Front & Side View Of The Box Wall With Fireplace & TV)

(Detailed Box Wall Framing Plan)

We are finalising the plan at the moment.

These detailed plans are useful to check if it follows all the regulations as well as to make builder’s work easy.

If all the detail is clear builder can quickly and easy build.

A fireplace is good to have in your home because in winter or cold days it can make your home warm and people tend to gather around a fireplace that facilitates communication in your family.  The fireplace will be the centre of your home.

So if you thinking to renovate your home it may be nice to think about it.

Thanks for reading.