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Good Communication Is Key To Success

Hi All,

Hope you have a great day.

Recently, we have completed renovation work involving replacing the large part of the existing roof and re-cladding exterior wall of our client home.

This project was a bit difficult for us to do and took more time than usual because needed to re-do the construction work that another builders done previously.

The builder did not have good skills and failed the council inspections so the client decided to ask Japan Homes to take over the whole project.

Re-Roofing and Re-Cladding Work

After research we found to re-do the two major works that were previously done:

  1. Roofing (found issues related to gutter installation and roofing angle)

  2. Cladding (did not follow building codes)

Plus some interior work.


As mentioned above, it was a little difficult work and time spending for us to finish these works.

However, because we have had good communication with owner regarding work details, time schedule, cost, etc. at each construction stage, we could go through the process step by step to solve all issues we faced.

Now we have passed the final inspection and going ahead to get CCC soon.

We are very happy to have finished this project satisfactory for our client.

Good communication with clients are always good ways to move a project forward.


本日もJapan Homesのブログにお越しくださり、ありがとうございます。 最近私たちは改装工事行いました。 この工事は、以前他のビルダーが工事をしたものをやり直すという普通の改装より難しい部分がありました。 このビルダーは、住宅施工について十分な技術と知識を持たず、そのためCity Councilの工事検査が通らなかったので、オーナーさまがジャパンホームズに、再工事を依頼されたのです。



  1. 屋根交換(雨どいなどが適切に設置されておらず雨漏りの原因になっている)

  2. 外壁交換(建築法に基づいていない)







谢谢您访问我们的博客。 我们最近做过了一个改造工作。 这个工作有几点儿比较难因为我们也需要修复以前的建造者的工作。 这个建造者没有充分的知识跟技术做这个施工服务,通不过市政府的检查。所以栋梁选我们做修复工作。


以后我们认真的调查,决定了下面的重要部分的工作。 换屋顶(滴水槽被设置了不恰当的地方如果是漏雨的原因) 换外壁(不达建筑法的基准) 也做了其他的内装服务。

一开始我也说过了,这个工作有很多的难点,并且需要很多的时间为调查跟决定施工方法。但是我们在工作的同时跟顾客每次确认具体的服务内容跟费用。即使问题发生的时候也能确实解决一个一个。 现在通过了市政府的最后的检查,顾客也放心,我们也很高兴。 最后我感觉跟顾客的联系,确认是最重要的事情为做工作顺利平安。

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