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Happy New Year 2020 PLANS!!!!!

Happy New Year 2020

Hi All,

The forecasts of the growth in the rate of home building activity is rapidly growing especially in Auckland. Japan Homes now have projects on-board all-over Auckland with more to engage in this coming 2020!! National Construction Pipeline Report expected 96,000 dwellings to be consented in Auckland within the next 6 years and it is expected to hit the record at 37,000(annual)by 2026. The serious housing shortage should be reducing gradually in a pace of 14,000 homes built every year. The construction labour also has a big shortage at the moment and we need more people getting into this sector, especially those who is to be trade-qualified. Japan Homes is offering an opportunity for interns to provide a high level of work experience with the goal being strengthening your skills to open the pathways for building great frameworks for your career foundations.

Any inquiries, please contact us at

Emi Maki

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