• Tony Liu

If Ochiai Was The Director Of A Construction Company

Hi there,

I think that work is the same as sports. First we decide to climb up mountains, and have passion and spirit against it. This is the sports that I enjoy with my team of people around me now. This group of people is a company, the team manager is a company director and employees are the athletes.


With this idea I tried to transform the great Japanese baseball player Ochiai’s sayings into the words that well describe the policy of my work.

My Remarks On Work With Reference To Ochiai

“A person with low ambitions can have only lower achievements”

This is my favorite word of his.

A person who easily accepts the results that he does not want never becomes the best athlete

I do not like to give up and accept the results of my work which I have not aimed for. I like to keep challenging to get the best result.

 “It is hard to get out of mental slump. The fundamental cause is in basic things like meals and sleeping but many people looking for a cause from elsewhere. “

This would be my third favorite word. The basic things support my entire life.

“I do not want to believe that there are people who are not responsible for their own words rather than in writing” “The role of a professional baseball head coach is to receive criticism from supporters and to protect players from that.” “If you really want to let a player grow you will have to say ‘I left all the work to you but I will take responsibility for all the consequences.'”

“There is no point in fighting your manager (company). I need to say ‘Do not mistake who you need to fight’.” “Whether it is realistically possible or not, a company director should have strength to say to outside ‘We aim for 100 new construction work a year because we have such a great team.'” “I cannot look after all the small details so I would like to collect trusted people to do all the work without compromising.”
“It is easy if I think only about my company. However, the meaning of work comes from considering about society, our partner companies, Japanese style design and functionality, and the perspective of my business”

Thank you for reading.


自分は、仕事はスポーツと同じだと考えています。 登る山をまず決めて、それに対して、情熱と気迫をもって、 今いるこのメンバーで楽しく山登りをするスポーツだと。 その人間の集団が会社であり、そして、社長は監督、幹部はコーチ、社員は選手です。