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Hi all,

It has been a while since I last updated this blog. I have gathered some interesting facts and ideas for on-site management and what it is like working under less supervision.

Today I want to talk about inspections (Japan Homes inspection, owners inspection and city council inspection)

Japan Homes inspection is where our site managers mark out the kitchen and bathware locations and to check if all pre-line work is correct in terms of construction and design. For our team and owner to visualize finishing positions and make adjustments where needed.

Owner inspection normally takes place before pre-line inspection when electrician starts wiring the property, where all switches and power points are at ideal places and whether the owner wants to add extra points. And also to check the marked out area mentioned in the previous paragraph.

As for city council inspections, they check whether our work meets council requirements and if changes were made they will also examine the change.

Thanks for your time

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