• Tony Liu

Japan Homes 2019 28/01/2019

Happy New Year Everyone!!


At the end of the last year, instead of staying Midsummer in New Zealand,

I went back to Japan with family.

Every year, I can get stimulated in so many ways during a stay in Japan and learn lots of thing because there are various events before and after the new year’s day.

This year’s theme for our business is “System Creation”

We are going to create a new system of how we work.

This is mainly to enhance communication between Japan Homes staff, SUBs and customers, and decision-making process.

We are aiming to make the new platform (system) that is useful in all kinds of business situations across the world.

This excites me much and I think that that also leads to contributions to the society in New Zealand.

In the last year, housing market continued to be flat in Auckland.

Now builders are supposed to consider more about how to and take action to supply Comfortable and Affordable homes to this city.

For this purpose, we need to focus on the three important things below to reduce overall building cost

  1. Improve the way of communications and eliminate waste of time and work due to communication errors.

  2. Reduce material cost (e.g. group purchase of materials)

  3. Design buildings for efficient construction

In 2019, we are aiming to build 60 new homes.

We will keep thinking what to do, keep trying to pick up other person’s brain and just take action towards this goal.

In Addition, Our standard house plans on the WEB site have been updated recently.

Also Open seminars are being planned for our customers.

We will enjoy the new system creation and improve our way of work dynamically through this year.