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Japan Homes at Northshore Home and Garden Show!!!

Hello All!!

How’s your weekend going?

Hope you have a lucky, happy and lovely day today!!!

I am Amazon, a draftsman working for Japan Homes Limited, which is a home build & design company in Auckland.

Our company’s aim is to provide comfortable and affordable living for Aucklanders.

I begin this blog to share my happy, interesting and funny everyday experiences regarding work from my point of view of home design.

Today, there is a home show in Glenfield, Northshore, called “Northshore Home and Garden Show” and we are exhibiting some interesting displays.

There are many companies exhibiting very interesting things in home, garden and other field so please come enjoy the show whole day!!

Here is our booth!!

If you are planning to build a new home or do extension or renovation of your home such as a kitchen, bathroom or whole house, we can definitely help so please come see us over there!!

We can discuss what you want and need, and give you professional advice on home design.

Also we sell tatami for a special price only for this home show!!


Tatami are made of straw-like plants called “Igusa“and refers to those mats that are placed in the Japanese-style bedrooms and living. Igusa produces a very beautiful and relaxing smell that the Japanese people love!! These mats are highly comfortable and easy to clean. They are also highly insect- and bacteria-resistant so are durable and suitable for babies and young kids.



These mats are very expensive in New Zealand due to import costs and custom charges.

But here is good news!!

We are now selling the Tatami sheets, the top part of these mats!!!

These are also made of Igusa.

You can use these as a rug carpet, interior decoration or any other purposes.

Please come visit us at the show and you can grab these sheets fro $40 each!!

This is a special offer only for the home show visitors as these are normally sold for $50.

Looking for to seeing you guyes at the home show!!!

Thanks you for reading!!


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