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  • Tony Liu

Japan Homes On Local Journals

Hi All,

Hope you have a lovely day.


Recently we are on a couple of journals in Auckland.

We are getting famous in Auckland!!

Auckland Today

On their 131st issue this local magazine has written our philosophy of services including our 10 key principles: honesty,problem solving, professionalism,communication, health and safety, economic buildings, great relationships, passion, legacy developments and client happiness.

This also shows our company director Mickey’s personal story and policy, which is really interesting!!

If your are interested please read the article here (P51)

Gekkan NZ

I have written 3 articles about house renovations for May, June & July Edition of Gekkan NZ (for the Japanese)

Now the second article about Kitchen renovation is out on the June edition and you can check it out below.

My third article is planned to be on July edition as well and also my interview about home design should be on August edition as well.

You can see the latest edition of Gekkan NZ here




Auckland Today

Auckland Today 131号に私達の働き方哲学や、方針が紹介されています。



Gekkan NZ






Gekkan NZ 最新版はこちらからご覧になれます。

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