• Tony Liu

Japan Homes Standard Entrance Wardrobe

Hi there,

We have developed our standard entrance wardrobe design to make the entrance space of our homes more convenient to use.


Japan Homes Standard Wardrobes

We have three types of wardrobes that you can choose to fit in your house entrance and that provide for storing your shoes, jackets, umbrellas or any other necessary things with easy and quick access to these.

All of these have shelves for shoes and space for boots or any larger items at the bottom. Also there is a mirror behind the wardrobe door for checking yourself before going out.

For Type B and C there is a hanger bar in large space on the right side and you can hang up jackets and put on umbrellas.

Type C can provide a great amount of storage and a small bench seat to help you put on / take off shoes like the sample image below. This is especially good for young kids and elderly people.

Also each type of wardrobe has stylish LED lighting to lit up themselves like these in the photos below.

LED above the bench

Hanger Bar LED

All the wardrobes have LED just above the mirror to provide enough light to check yourself in the mirror.

Basically, all of our new homes will have one of these entrance wardrobes.

Or we can just provide one of these for you if you are interested in getting one so please let us know.

Thanks for reading.