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Japanese Style Home Part 2!!

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This post here is to continue to introduce the Japanese style homes that we are thinking to provide for people in Auckland and New Zealand.

Please give me any comments on this blog if you are interested in the Japanese style homes, renovations or anything that you would like to say.

I am a Japanese designer and may be able to help you if you have any questions related to these.

Here I introduce other features of Japanese home design.

The Design Feature 3: Strong connection of Interior and Exterior


We Japanese traditionally liked the living environment with strong connection with the outside.

Due to the post and beam structure we can create large openings between the columns, leading to very smooth and direct outside/inside transition.

This tradition is a bit similar to Kiwis in a way that they also like to have outside living area such as deck, balcony or turf garden,etc which can directly be accessed from inside.

The Japanese house design strongly focuses on bringing in the nature into the living space so, even though your house is built in a dense urban area with tiny space the occupants often try to create tiny space for a garden.


Learning from the traditional ways of bringing in the nature we, Japan Homes, are planning to introduce unique ideas to create your own garden outside as well as inside.







Isnt It very nice!?

What do you think about these ideas!?

Please let me know!


JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Website  https://japanhomes.co.nz/

Phone: 0800 00 5055

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