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Wanting A New Kitchen & Bathroom?

When you are thinking about renovation or new home, I guess these are the most exciting points.

Open kitchen or traditional kitchen?

Wider and modern bathroom that you can feel comfortable to use everyday?

Japan Homes set our “Standard” with the 10-year construction knowledge and good relationships with our suppliers, adding the current trends.

Especially for kitchens and bathrooms, we put our best efforts to design beautiful and functional layouts and select polished quality items.

To show our precious customers how the standard actually look like, we gathered the collections.

The main colors are White & White, Grey and White & Black which are always popular so won’t be obsolesced. As an accent color, wood materials can bring more warm and modern tastes into your home. (of course, we arrange it with any colors and specific designs if you have in your mind.)

*If you would like to see the full pages, please contact 0800-005-055 or email

We have many voices from our customers who experienced our services.

“The kitchen designed with zero waste space is brilliant and functional. We feel Japanese here.” “I love my kitchen which is easy to do daily house chore and also we can enjoy good time with family and friends around the bar.” “We are very happy about your services for the beautiful bathroom reno. We love staying there all the time ;)” ” The rainhead shower and vanity design are stunning. We feel satisfied with the renovation including the improved air ventilation.

Kitchen and bathrooms are the biggest sales point when people purchase a property.

To value up your property and spend clean and wonderful life, we think and give you our best and most cost-effective proposals.

Please contact us anytime if you are interested in our renovation and new home services.









カラーは、人気があり且つ飽きのこない、白x白・グレー・白x黒をメインとしています。 お好みで、木の素材をアクセントで交じり合わすことによって、より温かでかつモダンな雰囲気を創ることもできます。 (もちろん、これと言ったカラーや、特別なアイテムが決まっていらっしゃる方には、アレンジいたします。)






キッチンとバスルームは、不動産を購入する際の大きなセールスポイントにもなります。 物件の価値を高める意味でも、清潔ですてきなくらしを送るためにも、 費用対効果の高い改装を提案させていただきます。 ご興味がありましたら、いつでもご連絡ください。


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