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Kitchen Renovation Part 2!!

Good Evening All!!!

New Zealand is happy and peaceful today!!!

Aucklanders are looking for to the Xmas holiday.

How is your preparation for Xmas going?

Now I am going to talk about the cost of our kitchen.

I guess you wonder how much is enough is to renovate your kitchen.

The cost depends on the size, material, shape, hardware, etc. of the kitchen but roughly $15,000-20,000 for a standard, average sized kitchen.


This kitchen cost includes:

Upper and Lower Cabinets

Engineered Stone Bench Top


Kitchen Sink


and HOB (Gas or Electric)


Kitchen is something that has to be designed to suit your own needs and wants.

We are happy to discuss with you to help you get the most comfortable, functional, beautiful and affordable kitchen for you and your family.

The consultation is free so please contact us and just tell me what is your dream kitchen!!

Japan Homes


Thanks for reading!!!


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