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Making a Japanese Garden at Showhome Part 1!!

Hi all!!

How is the beginning of your new year?

Hope you have had a wonderful, lucky and happy holiday!!

Previously I talked about setting up around the exterior of the Japan Homes showhome in Papatoetoe. 

Now we are making a Japanese garden ourselves and I would like to show how we have been creating it!!

We begun with setting up timber pavement on the ground.

First, we cleaned up the ground and placed weedmats to prevent weeds to grow.

On these mats we will place pebbles later.

Now we have several old fences at this site and decided to use these as the pavers which will be painted later.

As you may see the strong sunlight in this photo the day was extremely hot outside….

Oh, gosh, in Auckland working under such strong summer sunshine is extremely hard, especially in mid day!!

If you work outside in such condition please protect yourself carefully.

Anyway, we carefully made a part of the ground smooth and level for the pavers to place.

Next we begun to place another series of timer pavers which were newly bought from Bunnings.

We used 150 X 30 X 4800mm timbers.

We would like to rise these pavers above the ground so made the base for these that were placed on the ground with a little amount of concrete at the bottom.

Okay, thats for today!

I will continue to talk about setting up these pavers in the next post!!

Thanks for reading!!

Have a nice sunday!!!

Amazon Okuchi

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