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Modern Luxurious Renovation In Central Auckland 2016

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The owner bought an old property with a sea view from the upper level in Central Auckland and asked us to renovate the whole building and garden.

Our aim was to keep the good quality existing materials as much as possible and use natural wooden materials to renovate the old house to be a comfortable luxurious modern home.

Point 1: Upstairs Terrace and Deck To Enjoy A Great View



One of the main purposes for the owner to buy this property was to enjoy a great sea view.

So we renovated the old upstairs terrace and built a new deck terrace besides the upstairs living and above the garage.

Point 2: Open Plan Living, Dinning And Kitchen With Renovated Timber Flooring

Before (Living&Dinning)

After (Living&Dinning)

We removed several walls and created an open plan modern living, dinning and kitchen with a fireplace and TV above it.

People can enjoy a sea view through the large windows.

Before (Kitchen)

After (Kitchen)

We installed an island kitchen with wooden style cabinet.

Because we loved the authentic quality of the old timber

flooring (it was covered by old carpet before!!), we polished it nicely and now it looks wonderful.

Point 3: Modern Comfortable Bedrooms



We combined two old small bedrooms into one spacious master bedroom with a great view outside.


Ensuite Bathroom

Point 4: Basement With Unique Renovation Ideas



We put two display spaces on the left wall.

Bar counter

We made our original table and small shelves on the wall using old timber materials.

Point 5: Backyard Garden To Enjoy Outdoor Activities



Large timber deck is built for multi-purpose outdoor activities.

There is the spa on the left side deck.

Waterpool is fully renovated.

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