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New Fences around JPH Showhome In Papatoetoe!!!!

Hi All!!!

Yesterday the Xmas holidays begun for most of New Zealanders.

How is your holiday going?

I hope you are enjoying a fantastic happy holiday!! 

Today I talk about setting up new fences around our showhome at 31 Atkinson Avenue, Papatoetoe, Auckland.

We Japan Homes are builders who do renovations and new homes so often let our partner traders do new fences at our clients property when necessary.

However, this showhome is our property and we just had decided to set up the new timber fences ourselves as this is the fastest way.

Because of our builders skills with 20 years experience in the home building field in both Japan and New Zealand with the NZ Master Builder qualification the set up was very quick; it took only around 3.5-4 hours for around for the 12m fences in total.

Below is the site before the fences came up.

We prepared the timber fence materials.

First we measured the site and marked the locations of the concrete footings (concrete base) for the fences then digged out the ground for around 500mm depth.

This may be the hardest part of the fence work as the ground is hard to diggout but we just kept doing that!!

We put several holes on the ground like this.

Then we put timber posts in these holes and made sure these post are exactly vertical to the ground using a level measure. We put a couple of timber pieces to stabilize the posts.

Now we were going to put water in the holes followed by firstcrete, the concrete that cures very quickly after mixing up with water. When put the firstcrete together with water in the hole we very carefully mixed them because if not fully mixed properly the concrete would not be strong enough to support the posts.

The concrete cures quickly within an hour in summer!!

Okay, that all for Today!!

I will talk about the later part of the fence set up next time!!

Thanks for your reading!!

Have a happy holiday all!!!

Amazon Okuchi

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