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New Fences around JPH Showhome In Papatoetoe Part 2!!!!

Haaaaaapppy Neeewwww Yeeeaaar Everyone!!!

How is your new years holiday going?

Hope you guys have happy and lucky time!!!

Today I continue to talk about building the fence around Japan Homes Show Home at 31 Atkinson Ave. Papatoetoe, Auckland

In the previous post I talked about setting up the posts.

Now we are going to put timber railings on these posts.

We bought the timber railings from Bunnings and our builder cut these into the right length.

These railings were carefully set onto the posts and made sure that they were horizontal.


This day was extremely hot in Auckland so we intended to finish the work as quickly as possible.

We then begun to put timber pailings (timber boards) on the railings to form the fence.

We had to make sure each pailing be vertical and the top be at the same level to each other.

We chose those that are called “rough sawn” for our pailings, meaning that their surface finishing are not smooth and left rough texture.

Now one part of the fence is nicely finished!!

Moved on to another part.

Make sure the top of the pailings are all at the same level by cutting off the extra parts.

We finished the fence!!

Only took one and half hours for this work.

Note that we made the different pattern of the fence at the back whose pailings were set horizontally and leave small gaps between these. Also each pailing has a different length.

Setting up a fence is not difficult so please try it yourselves at your place if your are interested.

You can get every materials and tools at a DIY shop like Bunnings.

Okay, that’s it for today.

Thanks for reading!!

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