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Our Show home and Its Japanese Garden in Papatoetoe Part 2

Hello everyone!!

How is your sunday going?

Today I have had spectacular soft ball matches with other 4 opponents in Howick!! Out teams lost the first two games but won the last two game as we somehow got so many points from these teams!! I am so lucky and happy that I enjoyed plying these games and won twice!!

Now I am going to talk about my plan for Japan Homes Show Home at 31 Atkinson, Papatoetoe, South of Auckland.

As we are a Japanese company we are going to create a Japanese garden for the exterior of the show home in the area other than the large deck (the photo below)

Here is my plan of the garden

In the plan the stone paving starts from the drive way that go through the front yard of the house to the side yard: these paving stone should be like those shown in this photo:


There is already a concrete foot path in the front yard and this will be extended to the side yard with a few nice natural curves.

I would put the granite thin stone paving on the concrete path which should be painted dark brown and then this becomes the main walk way for the garden.

The left side of the plan I also plan to place some natural-shaped granite pavings like these:


These granite stone pavings looks awesome, dont you think!?

I am so excited to plan these pavings and if we can place these in the actual location that will be like my dream come true!!! I love these pavings!!!!

Alright, next time I am talking about other parts of the garden!!

Thank you  for visiting my column!!


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