• Tony Liu

Reason Why More And More Small Houses Going To Be Built

Hi All,


What I felt when I came to New Zealand 15 years ago was that Unlike Japan, roads, houses and lands are so large that it seemed to be lots of waste.

However, it has been a change in urban living environment in Auckland since then.

The Reason More And More Small Houses Being Built

There are more and more houses being developed that have these design characters:

  1. Narrow in Width but long in Length

  2. Narrow yards

  3. Focusing more on functionality than looks

  4. Narrow space between neighbor houses

These are similar to those design characters found in Japanese homes.

As a result, building cost and property prices have increased dramatically so there are more and more small houses being built recently.

In this situation, it is very hard for families with average annual income to buy a new home.

Our company policy is to provide “Comfortable and Affordable homes” so we want to provide new homes that these families can afford.

I am going to spend my energy and time on designing and building these types of homes.

To Provide Comfortable and Affordable Homes

I am now thinking to provide small homes such as terrace houses with the total of a 100m2 floor area which can be bought less than $750,000.

(Sample image)

This project needs co-operation from our business partners to lower a cost for buying lands, building labour, building materials, property sales.

We also would plan to get supports from the city council and our customers.

We are going to do our best to lower these costs as much as possible using the KAIZEN method.

I guess there are going to be many more small homes in Auckland than now.