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Scores For My Personal Goal Acheivements For 2018 16/12/2018

Hi All,

I am going to score how much I have achieved my one-year personal goals set in the begging of this year as below:

  1. Fast Work

  2. Help People Around Me Work At Ease

  3. Complete Whole Projects From First Meeting With Clients To Completion Of Construction Without Mickey’s (Company Director) Help

  4. Gain More Respects From SUBs For Smooth Work

  5. Make People & Animals Around Me Happy

  6. Get Designer LBP


1. Fast Work: 60/100

I think I have improved in some area such as quicker response to email than last year and I quickly draw plans for my clients.

I also have created several checklists including Building Consent Plans Lodgement checklist that helps me find errors in the plans to reduce the amount of Council queries during their BC application processing.

2.Help People Around Me Work At Ease: 65/100

I have created several materials for our SUBs to understand (plans, work detail, specifications, etc.) which contribute to their ease of sitework to some extent.

Also have tried to design new buildings for our subs to easily and quickly build.

I will more improve my daily communication with my colleagues, subs, consultants and clients next year to avoid misunderstanding.

3. Complete Whole Projects From First Meeting With Clients To Completion Of Construction Without Mickey’s Help: 70/100

I can complete design projects with much less help from Mickey but still do need his help for construction.

I will try to complete a new home construction myself if it does not require complicated work next year.

4. Gain More Respects From SUBs: 75/100

If I have worked with them with more passion than last year.

When I talk to them I focus on the project aims and our company policy, and tell the importance of the project to me and Japan Homes.

Also I try my best to understand their needs and wants.

As a result, I have gained more of their respect to some degree and now can work with them more smoothly than before.

5. Make People & Animals Around Me Happy: 65/100

I have tried to understand needs/wants of our clients, SUBs, my colleagues and all other people around me.

Also I also tried to give them smiles, cheerful greetings, “Haven words” (good, thank you, lucky, etc.) all the time.

Not sure my wife became happier than last year but she looks okay.

My pets (a cat and a dog) also look fine.

I will reduce work time and spend more time with my family.

6. Get Designer LBP: 50/10

I could not get LBP but could do make it clear what I need to do to get LBP next year.

I have gained knowledge and skills from my work and also studied Building Codes myself in weekends.

Also Mickey has helped me a lot (Thanks!)

I will keep preparing to pass a LBP interview and get it next year.

This blog post will be the last one for this year.

Hope everyone will have Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!!

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