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Sincerity // 真摯さ

Sincerity is a basic attitude which required to people who want to be a manager.

Always one ‘black sheep’ boss in a good going company. Who is not helpful,not friendly,also, hard to get communication and selfish. Although the boss whom grow most of employees. Who is respected than liked. Require a first rank job, required whom own. Take up standard higher, expect it protected. Always thinking about [what] is the right, would not thinking about [who] is right. Never evaluate knowledge and intellectual ability than sincerity. It is dangerous when people who have not that kind of basic attitude, even though they are helpful, out going personality, smart and competent. Who is not qualified to be a manager also a gentleman.

An organization can firstly be normal when it realized sincerity. At the first, it shows up symbolically regarding human resource decision. Sincerity is not like a thing you can put it on, that you have to keep on one’s person. Could not be deceived. It takes only two to three weeks to know colleague, especially subordinate who is sincerity or not. Ignorance, incompetence, horrible attitude can be permitted. However, people who missed sincerity can not be permitted. Therefore, it is not allowable to choose them to be a manager.










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