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Site Life Line Plan 18/08/2019

HI All,

Before we start construction of new building we prepare a site life line plan that show how we set up the site.

(Example of Life Line Plan)

If we do not make this type of plan the site can be chaos and it sometimes cause a delay in the construction schedule because we may repeatedly need to spend time to tidy and organise the site.

For example, if we one of our subs leaves their construction materials (e.g. tiles) in a place where another contractor (e.g. painter) needs to park their car, we will need to move the materials to create the space for carpark, causing a delay in the schedule because the painter cannot begin their work.

(Example of Life Line Plan)

Therefore, on every site we set clear rules of the location of materials, carpark, temporary water and power, a rubbish bin, construction documentation,etc. for everyone on site can work smoothly and easily without any hassles.

Thank you for reading.

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