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  • Tony Liu

Training Our Young People

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Japan Homes cares very much about the quality of our building work to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work outcome.

The most important thing is, of course, to have site workers with good skills and  knowledge so our company director

Mickey go to work on site mostly everyday and train these builders and site managers.

How to put on a vanity in a bathroom?

Last week Mickey taught how to put a vanity correctly on a bathroom wall.

Our young guy Tiger learnt step by step how to install the vanity.

Normally, we do not teach special skills but ensure that all workers follow the basic but critical steps shown below to complete their task.

10 Japan Homes’ Most Important Steps For Build Work

1 Height・Width・Depth 2 Make Sure It is Horizontal / Vertical 3 Starting point / Think from completion 4 Trafic line / Design 5 Junction 6 Weather Tightness 7 Cost 8 Time 9 Related contractors and work 10 Great plan for everyone!

We think that completing basic, standard things perfectly is the key to the best quality building.

Thanks a lot for reading!!

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一番重要な事は、実際に現場で作業する作業員がしっかりとした技術と知識を持つことですので、弊社岡部社長(Mickey)はほぼ毎日現場で作業し、Japan Homesの若い作業員や現場監督を訓練しています。



下の写真はJapan Homes社員の荒田(Tiger)が実際に、ステップバイステップで岡部と取り付けを行っている場面です。



1 縦横高さ

2 水平垂直

3 起点・完成形から考える

4 動線・デザイン

5 ジャンクション

6 防水

7 費用

8 時間

9 他業者とのからみ

10 皆にとって良いプラン!




Amazon Okuchi

JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Email: jphnzokuchi@gmail.com Phone: 0800 00 5055

Please visit us at our showhome: 31A Atkinson Papatoetoe Auckland


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