• Tony Liu

Updates About Current Construction 27/05/2020

Hi there

Our site work starts when NZ moved to COVID 19 level 2 on 28/04/2020 and we are working smoothly under NZ government .restrictions.

Now, we have more than 10 construction projects all over Auckland. Here are our updates about some ongoing construction projects:

5 luxury standalone homes

This is a high-quality design project in East Auckland, we are building 5 standalone house at the same time.

As you can see, building exterior work is mostly done.

Let’s go to inside, bathroom 2nd layer waterproofing is on.

Wardrobe installation finished as well.

Subdivision project

This is a subdivision project at NorthShore, and we are building two attached houses at the same time.

The exterior brick wall is half-height now.

Electrician also started their work

Internal door is installed.

Renovation project

Let go to see a renovation project at Mt Eden. This is a villa-style house with more than 60 years of history.