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Updates about Japan Homes multi-unit projects

Happy New Year!

After a long Christmas and New year holiday, we all have a good rest and back to work now.

As we all know, Auckland is currently going through a rapid period of house growth, many people are interested in land development.  So this year, Japan Homes Ltd will focus on new home development, especially for multi-unit projects.

Now, let’s see how our current multi-units projects going.

Five Affordable new houses

We are building five affordable new houses in East Auckland. There will be three attached units and two individual units, two-storey buildings with four bedrooms.

Foundation work all completed, and we are at framing stage. Everything is going well and we aim to complete this project in serval months.

Due to land shortage and strong increases in immigration flows have caused a housing crisis, terrace house is popular in Auckland these days.

And for first home buyers, terrace houses are more affordable.

Seven stand-alone houses

Another large project is 7 stand-alone houses. Currently, we are still doing the foundation work.

Our site managers and our subcontractors are working together to make sure everything is under control, and finish all the work on time.

Six functional houses

We are doing civil work of a six houses project at central Auckland.

We aim to finish civil work soon and start foundation work as soon as possible and finish before rainy reason.

Overall, all these multi-units are going well. We do not only care about the completion date of the project, but also the quality of each house.

Thanks for reading, I will update more about our projects in the future.

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