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Updates About Current Construction & Design Projects

HI All,

We have several on-going new home build and design projects.

Construction Projects

3 New Home Development at 10 Glenfield Rd Birkenhead

We are building 3 new homes on this site and the construction is going to finish soon (Mid October 2018).

Scaffolding has been off now and GIB boards on at all the lots. Two of the houses have completed plastering.

These are highly comfortable and affordable homes in Northshore and Lot 1 & 2 are on sale now (Lot 3 has been already sold. Sorry!!

For more info please visit here or please contact us.

Japan Homes Sales Team

  1. Email:

  2. Phone: 0800-00-5055

2 New Home Development in Northshore

We have just started another new home build recently in Northshore.

The land will be subdivided into two lots and 2 double storey new homes are going to be built.

House 1

House 2

There is an old house on site so we have just safely removed.

This job was quickly and neatly done so the neighbor have not been bothered.

Also we had a pre-construction meeting with Council about drainage work and the outcome is all good.

So we can now move on to civil work (earthwork, retaining wall, drainage, etc.)

Design Projects

There are also several design projects are going on including a 320m2 new home, 5-unit terrace housing, a 160m2 new home, 2 detached new home development, etc.

250m2 New Home Design – Houryuji

Recently a new project has begun.

Have you ever seen this plan?

One of our clients has just bought a land in South of Auckland and asked us to design and build this plan which is one of our standard new homes shown on our website.

I designed this concept plan long time ago but did not expect any customer to ask us to actually design and build because this is a kind of special plans that require a lot of cost (I didnt think much about costs when designing this although all the other standard plans are designed to be affordable…).

However, our client really likes this plan and we are glad that we have an opportunity to design and build this!!

There is a limited budget for this project so we may need to change some detail of the plan but we will try our best to make the new design as similar to the original as possible.

I will report the progress of this design later.

Thank you.

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