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"What is an Inspection?"

A mate from our cooperative companies consulted me about inconveniences of his home and construction.

90% of the construction has been done before approvals of Building Consent, which is building permit from Council. All the necessary inspections haven’t been taken.

Most unfortunately, there are no rain gutters at joints between the existing and extended houses. It makes a disaster that rain water come through the newly built house.

The head contractor is his acquaintance, but he doesn’t have any building licences.

Their level is like “What is an inspection?”

So they skipped making rain gutters and just connected roof, also reversed existing rain gutters’ slopes.

Looking at the scene and thinking why they were involving the work that was given in front of them, tears formed in my eyes.

Japan Homes will lead each of the cooperative companies and complete the constructions as soon as possible, with the most cost effective ways.

We will work hard so never make these matters happen at building sites again.

Rain water stands and it’s not deep enough for a rain gutter.





ヘッドコントラクターはクライアントの知人ということだったが、建築免許などももっておらず、インスペクションすら「何ですかそれ?」という状態であった。 そのため、雨どいも面倒なので作成せずに、屋根の接続を行い、既存にあった雨どいの勾配も逆勾配にしてある有様であった。





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