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  • Tony Liu

What Kind Of Additional Bedroom Do You Like?

Hi All, Hope you guys are doing well in these cold days.

Recently we have a client in central-south of Auckland who has asked us to put an additional bedroom to their newly built home. We are very much excited with their offer and would like to share our design proposal here.


Our Proposal

The client wants to add around 17m2 bedroom to the existing ground floor living room and below is our proposal. We would like this new bedroom to be a comfortable guest room with some study room features.

Floor Plan

Perspective 1

Perspective 2

Top View

Special Design Features Japan Homes Provide

1 Featured Internal Door for the guest to be welcomed to the room

2 Horizontal Wide Window for daylight for the desk space but keeps privacy from outside

3 Wardrobe, Cabinets and Bookshelf for study and guest’s comfortable stay

How about these ideas?

It may be a fun for you to think about the design features of the additional bedroom as if this project is happening for your home.

Thanks for reading!!




Japan Homesはこのご要望にとても楽しく取り組ませて頂いていますが、今回読者の方と私たちの提案を共有させて頂きたいと思います。


この計画は、既存のリビングの外側に新しく床面積17m2ほどの寝室を増築するというものです。 単純に寝室を増築するというのはとても簡単なものですが、今回はJapan Homesのこだわりを随所にいれ、書斎としての機能を持つゲストルームとして、快適かつ機能的に使えるように致しました。





Japan Homesの設計に関するこだわり

1 リビングからゲストルームを繋ぐ、特別なドア周り(ゲストを歓迎します)

2 外側からの視線を遮り、かつ机周りの空間に豊富な自然光を取り入れる横長の窓

3 様々な本や物を収納できるワードローブと棚(書斎としての機能と、ゲストの快適な滞在をサポートします)




Amazon Okuchi

JAPAN HOMES LIMITED Email: jphnzokuchi@gmail.com Phone: 0800 00 5055

Please visit us at our showhome: 31A Atkinson Papatoetoe Auckland

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