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What Should I do my Leaky House ?

My Client has a leaky house and they asked me my opinion so I reply below;


I will write down from my experience ,

< Council support >

I do not recommend fight with city council .

That is not good idea . Lots of people include builder friends gave up the council support .

Because council do not want to support so they intend to take a process quite long time .If the process take time ,the interest from the bank or rent income shortage will occur during the process .

So I recommend just do it your self .

< How to sell the leaky house >

I recommend sell as it is to the builder or small investor.

Because we do not know exactly how much you need a money in the end .

And you are not professional about building .

So usually the builder is safe side , if things go wrong they can reduce their margin . So the builder have a extra cover.

Of course you can try to fix or build new one .

But it need energy and cost .

If you want me buy your property I can think of it .

If you tell me your address I can come to have a look and then

I can provide more detail plan for sale .

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to ask me

Thank you very much

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