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Whole House Renovation With Japanese Taste 2016

Updated: Mar 9, 2021


Add Japanese Taste To Existing House

This is the 2 storey whole house renovation in Northshore.

as the owner’s wish, we have added a number of Japanese style features as follows.

The interior color concept was to make contrast between white and natural wooden color.

(Photo after renovation)

1 Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets

2 Shoji (Japanese style sliding doors)

3 Tatami (Japanese traditional mats) bench in the sun room with timber flooring

4 Koushi (Japanese Slatted Timber Frame)

5 Wooden Feature Wall

If you are interested in this kind of renovation please feel free to discuss with us!!







1 モダンキッチンと木製キャビネット

2 障子スライディングドア

3 サンルームの畳ベンチと木のフローリング

4 格子

5 無垢材を使ったワンポイントデコレーション



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