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Year 2015 for Japan Homes

2015 was a really good year for me.

The beginning of the year employees was one. However, currently, of 10 , 5 sales and 5 builders .The main concept of the company is affordable and comfortable.In order to realize the concept, We have 2 strong points . That is ……. Speed and Smile !!!

Close-up of adult male hand holding stopwatch.

To be get speed , preparation, preparation, Preparation is most important thing .That is all. And This is Japanese strength point .Nice Organized subcontractors, Make nice relationship with suppliers, Look after clients, Dealing with City Council Inspector.

That the is the Key to the successful project.On the site we need to care about below Finish work at one times with excellent quality This is no need to come back to work . Enough information leads to the quick fisnish of work . If not enough information , always site stops…. We always have a buck up system .

Anyway, If we prepare those , we do not need to stop the work. And All parties have to smile during working at Japan Homes Job .

In 2016 Our Aim is to be recognized really quick and really smiling building team in AKL .The goal of 2020 is to listing stock market .Toward it, every day we need to improve SPEED and cute smile. We need to practice everyday . People who are interested in my thoughts, Please work together !!

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