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Affordable & Functional Single Storey Family Home in Central Auckland 2018

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

One of our standard new homes shown on our website, Horse Field, was actually built in Central Auckland.

This is an affordable and functional single storey new home designed to fit in a narrow section.


North-facing back yard with the large deck provides opportunities for various kinds of outdoor activity.


Kitchen is designed to be fully functional by considering the work sequence of cooking (see this blog)

Rubbish Bin and Spice Rack are placed beside the sink and HOB for easy cooking.

Island has a large store space.

The simple open plan kitchen, dining and living with the large timber deck just outside create a natural flow from the inside to outside.

Bathroom with full-tiling (Note that Horse Field has a Japanese bath but this bath actually built is not a Japanese bath)

High windows on the hallway wall provide a plenty of daylight into the space to welcome you at the entrance.

Entrance door opens outwardly. The fog glass panes let natural light come in to lit up the entrance hall.

Glowing light switches help you find them in darkness.

Master Bedroom

Walk-in wardrobe of Master Bedroom

Another wardrobe.

Double tongue window handles can leave windows slightly open for ventilation at the same time provide security.

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