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Japan Homes’ New Northshore Office Is Open!!

Hi there,

I am glad to announce that we have recently opened our new branch office in Wairau Park, Northshore.

Japan Homes’ New Northshore Office

We have our stylish office on the upper level of the shop building at 16 Link Drive, Wairau Park, Northshore, sharing the floor space with an architect and interior decoration shop.

We have chosen this location because there are a lot of suppliers of interior materials such as carpet, timber flooring, lights, tiles, bathroomwares, etc. so it is convenient for our customers to check these materials when they visit our office.

Also this location is very close to Tristram exit on the No.1 motorway and has many carparks, easily access from anywhere in Auckland.

Basically, there is our staff at the office everyday from Monday to Friday but please ring or email us to make an appointment before you visit us because we sometimes have to go out for a meeting, construction site check, etc.

Our Contact Detail

  1. Office Location: 16 Link Drive, Wairau Park, Northshore

  2. Phone: 0800 00 5055

  3. Email:

Please feel free to make a booking to see us if you have any enquiries related to your existing or future home.

Looking for to seeing you at our new office!!

P.S. You can also visit us at our showhome at 31A Atkinson Ave, Papatoetoe  (please make a booking first).



ノースショアのワイラウ パークに新しいジャパンホームズの支店を開設しました!!

ジャパンホームズ ノースショア支店



Wairau Parkの周りにはカーペット、フローリング、タイル、浴室、キッチンなどの内装関係の器具や材料を供給する業者さんが多いため、この場所を選択しました。





  1. 住所:16 Link Drive, Wairau Park, Northshore

  2. 電話:0800 00 5055

  3. Eメール:



P.S. 私達のショウホームもPapatoetoeにありますので、内見をご希望の場合はお問い合わせください。

住所:31A Atkinson Ave, Papatoetoe

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