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New Zealand Home Loans – Efficient Home Loan Structure

Have you planned about your actual home loan repayment scenario?

Everyone must prefer less interests repayment and to get free to pay off home loan years earlier.

We have many options to choose for home loans.

Each case is different so we always ask and listen our clients’ financial plans for dream home projects.

And we give a recommendation of best options to suit each situation and requirements.

Today we introduce one of the best home loan schemes in New Zealand.

New Zealand Home Loans (NZHL) is 100% New Zealand owned and operated with its parent company being Kiwi Group Holdings Limited (also parent company of Kiwibank).

They invented a very efficient repayment system for Kiwi people to debt free faster.

The system

  1. Save Interests by “Channelling” – Interest repayments on daily basis

  2. You can repay more capital

  3. Save more interests

  4. Repeat 1 to 3

An NZHL home loan is similar to revolving credit it is a mortgage account that is transactional and has all your income ‘channelled’ into the one account to maximise interest savings, however the loan limit decreases each month. A managed home loan also involves several other components including debt management software and regular reviews with a consultant.

“Channelling is when you leave any surplus funds you have in your home loan account. These funds are then off set against your home loan so you only pay interest on the ‘net balance’ owing”

One of the best thing with NZHL is that you can actually see and control your home loan repayments on daily basis. Your smart efforts reflect the best results!

If you are interested in NZHL, please go to their website and contact one of your local specialists.

If you prefer to talk in Japanese, ask Yuko ????

Yuko Dempster (Business consultant)

1/133 Owairaka Avenue, Mt. Albert, Auckland 1025

Phone: 09 215 6223  Mobile: 022 318 0049



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