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Sunny & Cozy Granny Flat in Northshore 2017

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The owner wanted to build this minor unit (60m2) at the backyard of his property for an investment purpose.

We took an advantage of the north-facing site for the building to have a sunny living, dinning and kitchen where tenants enjoy comfortable living.

Functional Open Plan Kitchen, Dinning and Living

This simple rectangular space has no wasted space so is ideal for a small dwelling like this granny flat.

Tenants can easily fit their furniture in here and arrange its layout in any way they want.

The theme color for the kitchen is “White & Wood”.

The light wooden color of the cabinets looks beautiful.

Kitchen appliances are all from Bosch.

Even though this is an investment building the owner and Japan Homes would like tenants to use high quality appliances.

Convenient and tidy rubbish bins.

Seasonings and source bottle store just beside the cooktop.

Comfortable Bedrooms

This building is just 60m2 but it has two bedrooms that are as large as those in standard standalone houses.