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Japanese Style Bathrooms and Smart Bath Fittings

For Your Delighted Bath Experience

Japan Homes Original Japanese Style Bathroom


In Japan, we take a bath in a bathtub to warm up the body everyday for health and relaxation.

This Japanese bathroom style (OFURO) are still rare in NZ, but it’s our standard.

Before getting into the bath, you should wash yourself thoroughly. A small stool is normally used to sit on as you wash.

This style of washing is especially good for small kids and elderly people because it can provide safety and easy washing.

Japanese bathrooms are wet-rooms, so you can spray the water everywhere with careless abandon. Small kids often give water splash everywhere but you do not worry about that. This is also good when you wash your pets.

Enjoy relaxing bath experience with your family members. Kids love to play in the bathroom!! Bathing with your family provides fun moments and good opportunities for communication.


Typical Japanese Style Bath

Japan Homes Standard Smart Bath Fittings

We provide only the products which we have throughly checked their funcitionality, design, cost performance and build quality

The trusted partnership with our supplier provides the best aftercare and highest cost performance.


Japan Homes Standard

Bathroom Finishing

Fully tiled floor and wall for a bright look and easy cleaning

Flameless glass for a modern shower space

A shampoo recess in the shower space for bath items

Longer Warranty

Japan Homes want our clients to spend good time in our new homes with a longer warranty.

We select each items carefully for you and your family / tenants.

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