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High Quality And Highly Durable

Joineries And Accessories

Japan Homes Standard MDF Interior Doors

High quality and highly cost effective doors from a direct trade with a trusted NZ local stupplier
Very smooth and beautiful surface.
Long-lasting multi coating and painting for excellent finish
Very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters
Light weight
A variety of door shape options


Japan Homes Standard Door Handles

Stylish Metal door handles
Solid build quality – long lasting and low maintenance
Various selections are available
Locks provided for privacy and security
Provided by NZ suppliers

Japan Homes Standard Windows And Sliding Doors

Windows and Sliding Doors

Superb weathertightness provided by strong aluminium window frame at the highest standard of build quality and higest standard glass panes (double glazing)

A variety of stylish design and sizes to match your home design

Provided by a trusted NZ supplier


Double Glazing

Highest standard of double glazing for all windows to meet the latest Council standard

Minimize heatloss between outside and inside to save a significant amount of evergy and cost throughout the year


Standard Window Frame Color

10-year Duralloy

Long-lasting powder coated paint to add a beautiful accent to your home
A range of color options available to match wall color

Japan Homes Standard Window Handles

Great build quality
Choice of a few different types of handle set
Variety of colors available to match a window frame color
Stylish and easy-to-handle design
Provided by NZ suppliers

Double tongue window handles

Allowing a window to be slightly open for ventilation at the same time it is still locked

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