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Hidden Building Elements Are The Most Important To Support Your Family’s Secure And Comfortable Living

Japan Homes Standard Bracing System

– Gamma brace + Plasterboard brace –

Japan Homes timber framed houses are built with plasterboard bracing which complies with Building Code but we add extra Gamma braces to your home for greater quake resistance.

That GAMMA Bracing costs no more and provides Earthquake Ductility and Strength. That provides you with comfort knowing your House is Structurally Secure for ever. Your Home Construction is able to be completed quicker and more reliably. That after Completion any remedial works on Interior Linings will be vastly reduced. That your Home will be labelled as being “Seismic Braced” for ever. You will own a Superior Structurally Braced House which will resell very much easier.

Gamma brace

The GAMMA Bracing System is the ONLY “CodeMark” Certified System in New Zealand
An Earthquake and Natural Trauma Braced House that will NOT be compromised


Plasterboard Brace


Plasterboard Brace

Standerd Type Of Bracing For Timber Residential Building
Complied with NZS 3604:2011
BRANZ Appraised
Highly cost effective, durable and quick for construction

Japan Homes Standard PLYWOOD ROOF Underlay System

A roof bracing system increases earthquake resistance
Warmer Insulation system
Almost No insect , Birds any other dust come into the roof space more quiet than other materials such as Metal roof or concrete tile when rain
In japan this system is used in most houses


Japan Homes Standard Insulation

Long-lasting high performance fibre glass insulation
Provided for all new homes and home renovations (only areas where possible to install)
Ensures the maximum comfort in winter and summer
Japan Homes provides a higher R-value rating of insulation than specified by the building code for your home to save a significant amount of heat loss, energy and cost
Environmental Friendly – Uses a high proportion of post-consumer recycled glass bottles and is one of the most sustainable types of insulation available.
rot-proof, odourless, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.
It is chemically neutral, does not contain impurities
Provided by a NZ supplier

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