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Large Storage Space and Smart Wardrobes

For Your Tidy Home

Japan Homes Standard Wardrobe Doors

Selections of stylish and MDF wardrobes with high quality and low maintenance Melamine finish

Various colors and pattern finish are available
Japan Homes offers the best wardrobe plans to match your home interior

Mirror doors available for your request
Light weight and smooth movement of the doors can easily be handled by your kids or old parents

Japan Homes Standard Wardrobe Organizers

Modern style shelving system to accommodate your clothes and any type of fashion items neatly and beautifully

MDF boards with clean Melamine finish for long lasting quality with low maintenance

Various color and finishing patterns available

Large storage for your belongings

Highly systematic shelving system to store your clothing beautifully

Highly convenient storage. You can very easily store and access various type of accessaries.


8% Of Total Floor Area Designed

For Storage Space

8% of total floor area for store space to store a large amount of things

A stylish large kitchen pantry to store a great amount of food and drink

Clever use of space – shelves underneath a staircase, a shoecase beside an entrance, a store room in dead space, etc.

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