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Best Exterior Selections

For Your Beautiful Garden

and Comfortable Outdoor Living

Japan Homes Standard Exterior Selections

Japan Homes Standard Exterior Selections


Clothes Lines

Japan Homes Standard Clotheslines & Clothes Drying Area

Able to be folded down to save space when not beeing used.
Need only small space, but large amount of washings can be hung up.

No concerns about sudden change in weather
Located beside a laundry for your convenience for hanging up washings
Architecturally integrated design


Covered Clothes Drying Area (sample image)


Timber Deck

Japan Homes Standard Natural Timber Deck

Use of high quality and durable Pine timber for beautiful and authentic look
Various colors and stain options for finishing
A must-have for various outdoor family activties including BBQ, a play space for kids, atfternoon tea, DIY, etc.

Garage Door

Japan Homes Standard Aluminium Garage Doors

Fully automated
Highest standard of durability
High quality smooth powder coat finish with a range of color options for a modern look
Architecturally designed
High level of security for your cars and home
Coming with a few remotes


Japan Homes Original Hand-made Letter Boxes

Only-one handmade mailbox provided by our builders for you
We normally built your letter box using recycled materials coming from the demolition of your existing house or anything
Integrated design for the exterior of your property

Mail Box

Japan Homes Optional Exterior Selections

Concrete Driveway

Extremely durable and cos-effective concrete

Carefully designed for quick water drain when hard rain
Beautiful light grey smooth finish
A couple of design options are available


Standard Concrete Driveway


Optional Design

Natural Lawn

Great for various family activities for BBQ, exercise, DIY, pet space, etc.
Fresh natural green to add more beauty to your garden
Safe and comofortable space for your kids to play
For better air quality, less polution
Reduction of heat in summer in your property
Stress reduction effects for your family



Brick Pavers

Their earthy appeal makes it the perfect material for outdoor spaces
available in various exciting patterns
various color options such as red, buff, pink, orange, brown, and green.
Carefully design for the quickest stormwater drain
Highest durabilty, low-maintenance and easy to replace


Pearmeable Pavers

The most environmentally friendly paving solutions
Let rainwater through the voids to steep into the soil
Reduce rainwater runoof to prevent soild erosion and flooding
Their void to be filled with soil and vegetation for natural look


Japan Homes Standard Natural Timber Fence

Stylish Slatted Timber Fence

Use of highly treated timber for high durability and low maintenance
Designed for the whole property to have an
Securty and safety provided
Various sizes, colors and coating options available


Timber Retaining Wall

Keeps the landscape of your propery for decades.
Natural beautiful look
Low-maitenance, easy to repair
High strength
Use of highly treated timber for best durability

timber-retaining-wall-option-1 (1).jpg

Timber Retaining Wall Option 1


Timber Retaining Wall Option 2

Japan Homes Standard Aluminium Gates

Built by our team of experienced professionals
Highest standard of durability
Personalised design to suit individual requirements
5 year warranty
Full servicing of our gates and gate Automation systems throughout the year
Powder coat finish ensuring the best quality finish possible.
An extensive range of colour choices.
Rust and graffiti resistance.
Coming with a few remotes


Automated Aluminum Driveway Gate

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