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Japan Homes Standard GENKAN

GENKAN refers to the house entrance in Japanese and is the face of a house and very important from a Feng Shui point of view because it is through the main entrance that the house absorbs its main feng shui energy nourishment.

Japanese entryway areas are combined of a porch, an outward-opening door and shoecase. Likewise many Kiwis, the Japanese takes off shoes before entering a house.
The outward open door is very convenient because it can provide more usable floor space inside around the door and the inside space will get less wet when rain.

Separate Genkan From Other Space

We separate Genkan from the other private areas so that visitors cannot see them from Genkan


Selections of Wardrobes

(Its size and design dependent on your entrance design)

Japan Homes Standard Genkan Wardrobe And Bench

Wardrobe provided for storing your shoes, jackets, umbrellas or any other necessary things

A small bench to help you put on / take off shoes. This is especially good for young kids and elderly people

A mirror on the wardrobe for checking yourself before going out

Japan Homes Standard Entrance Door

Entrance door can be chosen from several ranges with or without glass

Superb build quality, durability and weathertightness

Various color options are available

Glass panes on the doors can let daylight thorough to inside


Japan Homes Standard Entrance Digital Door Lock

Various Access – by proximity card identification, PIN code or key for your convenience

Easy registration of cards 
Scrambling code
Mechanical override key
Break-in alarm
Anti-panic egress
Safe handle (ideal for small children)
Low battery warning and emergency power contacts
Remote control (Optional)
Automatic locking (Optional)

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