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High Quality Interior Finishing For Comfortable Living

Japan Homes Standard

Slim Door Jamb

Slim 30mm Door Jamb without architraves provides a cotemporary smart look

Japan Homes Standard Square Stop

A simple smart look by square stop for plaster and paint without mouldings at the junctions between wall and ceiling

Higher quality of work provided than normal moulding finish

Japan Homes Standard

Light Switches & Power Points

PDL Iconic White Range

Japan Homes Standard Paint

Directly supplied from Resene for a low cost trade.

A range of paint selections

Japan Homes offers the best color that suites your home and test paints on site for you to check how the chosen colors actually look

Highly durable material and multi coating to keep the quality of internal and external paint for a long period of time (In average 8-10 years in good condition for exterior).

Paint Coating Detail Exterior:

  • Wall (Weatherboard), Soffit & Fascia: Water or oil base Spot prime and 2 top coats low-sheen water base paint

Paint Coating Detail Interior:

  • Wall: 1coat pigment sealer and 2 top coats low-sheen water base paint.

  • Ceiling: 1 undercoat and 2 top coats water base flat paint

  •  Doors: 1 coat pigment sealer and 2 top coats semi-gloss water base enamel paint.

Japan Homes Standard Floor Covering

Laminated Timber Flooring:

Quickstep Creo or Impressive range

Urban Twist or Okiwi Bay range

Garage Carpet (if internal garage)

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